My Little Herb Garden

For the majority of my life, I’ve been under the impression that I do not have a green thumb. Not sure where this perception came from. Certainly could be the fact that every time my mom was away and asked that I looked after her plants, I would somehow inadvertently end up over watering or not watering enough. So you could imagine my surprise when I recently decided to try my hand at growing my own herb garden in the house. Mostly this need was driven by the fact that buying fresh herbs at the grocery store is about as expensive as sending your kid to daycare for the week. No Bueno

So in comes my search on Pinterest and my little find on this flipflopflower pot design. I instantly knew it would be PERFECT in the corner of my kitchen. So off we go to Lowes to get all the supplies we need to design my little herb garden. My husband made the stand and after a few design changes…

BAM!! Our own little herb garden in the corner of our kitchen. We ended up planting basil, dill, oregano, cilantro, and parsley (and possibly some kind of crazy cross-breed due to MiniMe putting seeds wherever she felt like😏).

So for the last week I’ve crossed my fingers and slowly watered a little every couple of days. And then this happened…..

YES my friends those are green sprouts!!! (Insert happy dance)  So far 3 out of the 5 actually have some green little life growing out of them. Now I’m not running out the door to buy my cutting scissors yet… I still have loads of time to kill these suckers, but let’s hope they continue to grow. 🌿

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