Stitch Fix Trial

You may or may not know about this subscription service for women’s clothing that you can sign up for; it’s called Stitch Fix. (Thankfully one of my MommyBFFs informed me of this service)

Essentially you sign up for free and fill out this very detailed questionnaire about your fashion style, body type, and what you are looking for. Then depending on the frequency you pick (mine is monthly) a personal stylist will look at your profile and choose 5 items just for you. These items are sent directly to your door, where in the comfort (and better lighting) of your own home you can try on these items and determine whether you will KEEP or RETURN each item. Sounds great huh? Well my friend loves it and after some online researching; I decided to give it a try.

So lets discuss my fashion style first or better yet lack there of. I have no fashion style! I basically wear comfortable stuff that matches with many things because I’m too cheap  and have no time to buy a lot of unique things. I say I’m cheap but really I put my family before myself so I choose to spend money on them and other items before going shopping for myself (I will come back to this later on) . So yet another reason why I thought this subscription service could help me. It doesn’t take any more of my time and I might slowly get to add items that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself in the store.

My first FIX came the other day in the mail, as expected. For some unknown reason I was super giddy about getting it and seeing what items were picked out for me. Below are my 5 items that I received. Please note the picture quality is bad.. since I was short on time (story of my life) they are iPhone pictures, but you get the point.

1. So this bracelet was the first item I pulled out of the box. Definitely a cute bracelet and something I would wear but it was a little cheap and flimsy. After finding the price of $34, (insert shocked face). I decided to send it back.


2. The blouse was the next item to come out of the box. It’s a very bright blue color (better shown in the picture on the left) which I love. It’s also made out of a nice light material which will be great for the summer time! Definitely a keeper! YAH

IMG_5237[1] IMG_5249[1]

3. A sweater….UM?! I wasn’t sure why they sent me a sweater in March, but it was a lighter weight sweater with a see thru back. At first glance it seemed okay until I actually tried it on and realized it was going to be way to short. Thus I will be sending this one back.


4. They sent a pair of black trousers. Now anyone that knows me knows that black pants are a staple item in my wardrobe. So I was intrigued that my stylist would send the Queen of black dress pants another pair of black dress pants. These pants are pretty basic with no pockets or belt loops or nothing… only thing it did have was a hefty price tag of $100! (insert drop jaw look here). Yeah, easy to say these are being sent back as well. (as I mentioned I’m cheap)


5. Last but not least my final item was a dress. Normally I don’t wear a lot of dresses. Not because I don’t want too…okay lets cut the crap.. I sometimes feel ridiculous in dresses and I just don’t think I look right, but I was intrigued with this dress and certainly willing to give it a try…. and that’s where the problem was.. I couldn’t even squeeze “the girls” into this dress. Sayonara cute little dress for flatter chested women.


Essentially I ended up buying 1 out of the 5 items. I did fail to mention that you get charged a $20 stylist fee each time. This fee does come out of the cost of the item(s) if you choose to buy something. If you don’t buy anything then you have to pay that $20 fee. Also note you get cute little stylist cards in your box as well.


So what is my final verdict… I’ve made some adjustments to my profile and I’m super excited to see what next month will bring!!

If you are interested in signing up feel free to use me as your referral (Yes this is my shameless plug) Click the link ->

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