Say this, say that

Little Miss MiniMe recently turned 3 years old. When she turned 2, I had concerns about her speech development. She just never seemed to be progressing like I thought she should, but upon questioning the pediatrician… She told us to make sure we sing and read to her. Yep that’s it… Just keep reading and singing. Which we already do!

So fast forward to a year later. She’s certainly not speaking as clearly as others in her class and most times I catch myself explaining to others what she’s trying to say.. If I even get it. So when we were in recently for some sinus issues I had asked the pediatrician (different one this time) what she thought and she said we need to be evaluated right away!!! 😠

Off we go to have her evaluated. We decided to try 2 different places because we wanted to make sure we got 2 opinions. The first place said she was having a ton of issues and that she needed to start therapy right away… While the 2nd place said she was just having issues with her pressure sounds and could wait 6 months or so until she’s more developmentally ready. So of course now it’s super confusing..

At this point I think we are going to proceed with therapy, it’s just a matter of deciding on who it will be with. Hopefully 6 months down the road we will be fully up to speed and have few of the bad habits gone. Our main concern is making sure she has all the tools she needs when she gets to kindergarten. 😫⬅️ that will be me crying on that first day.. Or week.

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