Photography Lessons for Moms

Right before I had my daughter, I decided to go ahead and upgrade to my very first DSLR level camera. Not knowing how much I might get into photography I decided to start with the lower end entry level camera.. my Nikon D3200. (Note: Photography is an expensive hobby)

Then along came MiniMe, and I had this crazy urge to photograph every waking moment. Time was just flying by.. and I literally felt like she was growing right in front of me. I was panicked to catch it all on camera, but the basic snapshot pictures just weren’t good enough. I wanted to tell a story, catch the moment, feel the emotion, and remember it like I was just there. I soon realized there was a lot to learn beyond turning the camera on and shooting some wonderful pictures. So I came across this website…  ClickinMoms

  • Don’t Miss a Thing
  • A Beautiful Rebellion with Kellie Bieser
  • Being Your Own Model with Alice Che
  • Finding Light Among the Shadows
  • Flawless Skin
  • Photographing Toddlers
  • Photographing Your Everyday
  • Shooting 101
  • Shooting 201  Lifestyle Photography with Kids
  • The Art of the Everyday
  • The Magic of Childhood with Shalonda Chaddock
  • Portraits that Pop

Okay so after typing out all those wonderful classes I feel like I should be an AWESOME photographer by now… but lets just say I’m still practicing.. it’s been a 3year off and on effort. Now I have my eye on some new equipment.

Below is a picture I’m pretty proud of… Relaxing with Grandpa


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