Snack Time Photo Shoot

Most of my photography focuses around my daughter (surprise, surprise). For any of you that have tried to photograph a toddler, you know how difficult it can be to get a good picture let alone keep in check your composure, white balance, shutter speed, and aperture! Because if you didn’t already know this children are speedy.. like Tasmanian devil speedy.

So when it comes time for me to practice my photography skills; I’m forced to “stage” little photo shoots that are entertaining and help to keep my daughter busy and somewhat still for longer than 5 minutes. Normally I won’t shoot the same scene twice, so I try to make it unique as possible. Thus the other day we had a snack time photo shoot. Yes an easy way to keep your child still is to feed them their favorite snacks.

We conveniently began snack time at our kitchen table; which is next to a very large window that has some great natural light (I prefer natural light photography when possible – some kitchen lights were probably on as well). I also situated her in one of the chairs that would have the window to her right and our nice bare basic tan wall as the backdrop. With the basic wood table top and wrought iron backed chair; the environment would not distract from the character and task at hand.

Since she was sitting still I was able to quickly dial in my ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I left my white balance on auto (I’m bad about adjusting for that in post processing). Then I used the time to play with the composition.

The basic side angle with food in her mouth.


Then the above angle. Note: I found the snack pack and juice box distracting.


Then last but not least.. my favorite angle which is from the table view. I like the small reflection on the table and the reduced distractions. Although I didn’t get her to look at the camera I did get a smirk. Only change I would make is pulling back a little and adding some free space to the left side. Also in editing I would work on reducing some of the highlights on the left side of her face. (I know I said ONLY..and then proceeded to list a bunch of changes; thank goodness it’s MY blog! HA)


And then… this one happened. Which turned out to be one of my favorites. Hence why it’s at the top of my blog (DUH). Still could use some further editing on the highlights on her face, but overall love it.


So tell me… Which picture do you like? And where do you like to practice your photography skills?

– Mommy H.

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