Diet, Diet, Diet… 

Sometimes I feel like I’m the black belt of diets. I’ve tried just about every diet out there from Atkins, South Beach, Calorie Counting, Weight Watchers, Medi Weight loss, to 6 meals a day, you name it… I’ve tried it all.

Also on a regular basis I see a nutritionist; and I think she wants to kill me. I switch so often on what I’m trying for the month she has a hard time keep up. But I feel like that’s what our society does. We are constantly being influenced by the Media, Internet and others around us. Someone always knows someone who this or that worked for.

It’s confusing and stressful; and I’ve decided I need to find something that fits my lifestyle. So although I’ve been “trying” all these diets. I’m also learning what does and doesn’t work for me.

For instance low carb diets help me to lose weight fast but aren’t sustainable; I have no energy. The Weight Watchers  would work but I don’t like counting points so it last for only a few weeks (counting calories is in the same boat). And so on and so forth with the others.

So what have I decided on?? … Well it comes down to just some good old whole foods. I’ve recently watched a good documentary called Forks Over Knives  (recommended by my best friend) and now I highly recommend watching it. It’s definitely been life changing for me. I love the facts!!

The lifestyle change that they recommend in the documentary is a whole foods plant-based diet. Yes that means no animal products… No meat and no dairy!! At first I was a little skeptical as to whether I could sustain this but I figured it was worth a shot. They have a great app out there and some wonderful recipes to go with it.

As is usual my first week of trying something I’m fully invested… I didn’t eat any meat or dairy for 2 weeks. How did I fill? Bloated and over weight. UM??? Turns out I think I was eating too many carbs. Yes they were whole grain and healthy but eating them for every meal was a little much. The other downside is that the rest of my family members are whole-hearted meat and dairy eaters so that means every day I was cooking multiple meals. No Bueno.

Remember back to the part about finding something that fits my lifestyle.. Well I’ve decided to take some of the concepts and make them work for me. I MOSTLY eat whole foods and no meat or dairy. Do I occasionally have some chicken or turkey.. Sure. Do I like a good slice of cheese… Yeppers. 😃 But over all I’m eating healthy whole foods more often. My vegetable and fruit intake has increased drastically. I’m more likely to be seen eating peppers and hummus or a bag of grapes versus a pack of cheez its.

Fingers crossed that my hybrid whole foods plant-based diet actually results in some weight loss and better over all health benefits. Only time will tell… Or maybe a month in my case. 😉

Tonight’s meal.. Salad with sliced carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, and apple slices. YUM😍

Do you follow a certain diet? Or have you made any recent dietary lifestyle changes??

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