Eskimo Kisses

At the wonderful age of 3, my daughter is some days (okay most days) like a sour patch kid… First she’s sour then she’s sweet. Yes, the 3’s are definitely worse than the terrible twos. My daughter is sassy and stubborn (no clue where she gets that from 😳) and some days she just doesn’t listen at all.  She tries our patience and makes us question our disciplining.

And though I’m constantly pulling my hair out and wanting to lock myself in the bathroom… I must say that the one thing I do really enjoy about this age is her need for affection.

Every night we have the same routine for bedtime and every night my daughter begs for more kisses and hugs. Some nights she’s wants upwards of 6 to 8 kisses, everything from big smacking kisses, Eskimo kisses, to pecks on the cheek.

So every night, every morning, at daycare, prior to dance class, or any other time she wants, I obliged her… Because one of these days she will stop asking and one of these days she will be too cool to get big smacking kisses from good old mom. 💋

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