Want to watch a movie?

People have all different types of family traditions that they’ve kept or do every year in their family. One of the traditions that we used to do was that every year during the holidays I would get a new Walt Disney VHS movie or multiple movies, and then during the holidays we would all gather around to watch these movies as a family. As you can imagine after a while my collection started to grow and I continued to collect movies during Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, etc.

Fast forward to now.. we all have DVD and Blu-Ray discs. So there sits in our spare bedroom closet, 3 large totes full of old VHS tapes and there sits in our bonus room, 3 VHS players stacked on top of one another but not hooked up (don’t ask why).

So of course I felt the need to introduce my daughter to some of the classic old Disney movies 😃 and when I say classic.. I’m talking about Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Snow White,  Lion King, etc.

First I start out by hooking up this ancient old VHS player; and praying that this thing will actually work. Then we proceed to get one of the tapes. Of course MiniMe enjoys the fact that the case is much larger and has better pictures on it.

We shove in the old Beauty and the Beast cassette while I pray that the old player won’t tear the movie apart😳 (I don’t know why I thought it might). Then we press play…

Cue the movie… and here comes this horribly colored picture on the TV. Not saying it’s out of picture but BOY to think that we used to think that this stuff looked good! SHEESH

Of course it starts down the “Coming Soon” path of previews, so I pop up from my spot (no clue where the remote is😏) to fast forward to the movie, and then I remember what it was like to have to slowly let the tape fast forward before your very eyes. Of course if you hit stop and fast forward it was like a guessing game of when you thought you might be past the previews. It was so slow… I could have ran and checked the mail at the mailbox and still beat it back in time.

And to think my daughter will never know what it’s like to have to wait for a VHS tape to have to fully rewind.

Be Kind Please Rewind!

– Mommy H.

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