7 Phrases That People Over 30 Should NOT Say

A few months back, I was at Target with my daughter and we were standing at the register waiting for the wonderful Target associate to finish scanning all of our items (Side Note: I always buy WAY too much at Target). When a young family got in line behind us. This family also had young children, one of whom dropped his little rubber ball that rolled all the way past my feet and towards the front of my cart.  

I noticed before the parents did and as I went to retrieve the ball for them their child started screaming for his toy, so they frantically started searching everywhere. I then turned and handed them the toy and the mom turned to me and said “OH Thank You!”.. I responded with “No problem, I’m used to it” and nodded towards MiniMe who was seated quietly in the cart.

The dad then proceeded to say, and I quote… “HASH TAG Mom Problems”!

I stopped and stared wide-eyed at this 30 something year old father and thought dear lord.. please tell me he did not just say out loud to a complete stranger.. HASH TAG?!

So this leads me to today’s topic on 7 phrases and words that people over 30 should no longer be saying…

1. HASHTAG – This is an obvious one. Yes, people think it’s cute and funny to add these crazy long hash tags to their Facebook posts. Which is all fine and dandy but you do not verbally call out hash tags nor do you make the hand signal for hash tag.

2. Cray-Cray – Unless you are really crazy or you are from the Ghetto; please don’t say this. Seriously.. just don’t.

3. LOL – This is similar to the hash tag one. It’s okaying in texting (kind of), but you do not say “L-O-L” out loud. You will look ridiculous.. just saying.

4. Whazzzzzz Up? – This whole phone answering phrase was funny back in the day when it first started but it’s very old now. (Please note: I think my dad still does this! HA)

5. Throwing Shade – What the heck? Apparently this means to give someone attitude. I have no clue.

6. SALTY – Really? Chips are salty, not people.

7. YOLO – You Only Live Once.. Yes I know that and you shouldn’t waste your time even saying that.

So if you have found yourself using this phrases or words out in public.. for the love of man-kind please stop.

Thanks from your BASIC Friend,

– Mommy H.


(Since I still classify myself under 30.. I’m good)

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