The Insider’s Guide to Crocheting

Have you seen these cute baby outfits that photographers are using for their newborn sessions or those adorable hats that people are making for their kids? And have you thought to yourself: “Boy I wish I could make that.” Well I’m here to tell you that you can… anything is possible. 😏

The only thing you need, and here is the kicker.. is TIME! Yes, some of us are limited on our time but with time and practice you could also make those adorable little winter mittens or baby blankets.

Recently I’ve developed an itch to want to learn how to crochet. So off I went to the local Wal-Mart (ugh) and purchased a “I taught myself crochet” book, that comes equipped with multiple crochet hooks and some other little items. Simple right?

Well… Kind of. Who knew that there were so many darn crochet stitches to learn?!! Sheesh

The book starts out working through each type of stitch and the illustrations on how to do it. Most require quite a bit of practice to keep the tension of the yarn the exact same. If you don’t then your stuff gets all funky looking.

But in my typical fashion, I fast tracked to the back of the book to begin the exercises. The first project is to create some coasters and can cozies. Should be fairly easy… 😳

So off I started….Part way through my first coaster and I found that I have a fairly tight stitch so the size wasn’t quite right. 😁 Not to worry… When I wasn’t looking MiniMe decided to unravel all my hard work.

So next time around I made a longer chain to make sure my coaster would be large enough. Well row after row my project slowly started tapering in! Yep I have a coaster/mini hot pad for a pointed dish!!

Not to worry, I think I’ve learned from my mistakes and soon I will be on my way to making coasters and cozies just in time for everyone for Christmas!!

Get ready… Hope everyone likes Green Bay Packer colors!

– Mommy H.

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