Stitch Fix – Box #2

It has FINALLY arrived…my 2nd box of stitch fix items! YAH, it’s like waiting for Christmas. Honestly my excitement over getting these boxes is a little depressing, but OH well! Now on with my review of what I got this month.

(If you have no clue what I’m talking about then please read my first post on My Stitch Fix Trial.)

Like the last package, this one arrived on time and well put together with the following items.

  1. 5 items of either clothing or accessories
  2. Styling cards and a note from your stylist
  3. A price sheet
  4. A prepaid return bag for items you don’t want

So this month I got the following items…

1. Lucio Graphic Print Blouse
At first glance, I was reluctant with this shirt. It’s very see through and requires an undershirt to be worn. Which thankfully they sent a white undershirt for free (extra points). After trying it on, I decided I did like it. Do I LOVE IT? eh not really… but I could see myself wearing it casually with a pair of jeans. Decided to keep it.

(Excuse my messy closet! YIKES)

2. Sheridan Striped V-Neck Tab Sleeve Blouse
This blouse I thought I would love right away, but after trying it on I decided the fit was just okay. It has more of a V-neck then I would have thought and the sides are slit up so it could be a little short depending on what type of pants you wear with it. Again, probably will wear jeans or black dress pants with it. I decided to keep it as well.

3. Renesme Graphic Print Faux Wrap Dress
At first I was skeptical of this dress.. imagine that. I did like that it has quarter length sleeves and that it was a wrap dress which can be very slimming. After trying it on… I liked it a lot! Although I need a tan.. I could definitely see myself wearing this from time to time. Keeper!

4. Danny Knit Pants
I knew right away I was going to hate these pants. First off because they said on the tag ULTRA SKINNY. Um?? Yeah… not going to happen. But I did give them the old college try and they fit but I looked ridiculous in them. I’m the person that does NOT need to be squeezing into skinny jeans or pants or whatever you want to call them. Needless to say I’m sending these back. Also I was a little disappointed with my stylist considering my profile says “NO SKINNY JEANS”.

5. Arran Layered Spike Pendant Necklace
This necklace was just okay. It is plain and basic but not exactly my style and I couldn’t really see myself wearing it. So I’m sending it back as well. If I would have kept all of the other items I would have probably kept this necklace as well since you get a large discount for keeping the whole box, but since I’m sending the pants the necklace will be going as well.

(Obviously this necklace is not to be worn with that high of a shirt.. but you get the point. It’s like 2 arrows pointing towards my boobs. )

So overall this box was better than the last with a 3 out of 5 items being keepers! I think the pricing on this box was better than the last as well which is a relief. I’ve decided to adjust my profile and remove necklaces and bracelets from the allowed list to see what I get next month! I can’t wait.

If you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix please feel free to use me as your referral!  (Yes this is my shameless plug)
Click the link ->

– Mommy  H.

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