Fresh Strawberries…coming soon!

I’ve always wanted to start my own garden, but unfortunately the way our property is laid out we don’t have a lot of space close to the house.

We have a huge field out past our woods but we have herds of deer coming through every day so I would definitely need to put up some sort of deer protection…and that’s when it gets beyond what I’m interested in taking on at the moment.

Being the marketing sucker that I am… I fell for this cute little planter to grow strawberries that was on display at SAMs club. This little planter is sized PERFECTLY for our back deck!

It came with all the supplies needed. You just need to follow the directions (very important part), and hopefully soon… Yummy homegrown strawberries.

To begin you have to get this bag of soil and plants out of the planter. It’s definitely easier looking than what it actually is. This was probably the hardest part out of all of it. I was so worried I was going to break the pot (which already had a chip in it.. since it fell over in the car on the way home).

The entire time I felt like someone over in China was sitting back laughing their butt off knowing that this whole concept of filling a plastic bag that lines the inside of a porcelain (aka fragile) planter full of dirt and then requiring the end consumer to have to carefully and SLOWLY maneuver this bag out of the pot inch by inch was possibly the WORST idea ever.

Needless to say after slowly and continually distributing the dirt inside the bag as I pulled it out of the planter.. I was eventually able to get all of the contents out of the smaller than the rest of the planter opening.

We then added some soil up to the first set of holes and dampened it with water. This turned out to be a fun exercise with the kiddo as well! (Never mind my horrible looking bug candle!)

Next you are supposed to put 2 plants (Of course I didn’t FULLY read the directions and only put in 1) in each hole and add soil back up to the next set of holes then add more plants to each one. Then at the very top add the remaining plants.

Then BAM you are DONE. Now you have this somewhat ugly-looking pot of soil and roots hanging out on your back deck. 😒

Again.. Fingers crossed for some fresh, yummy, red strawberries soon!

– Mommy H.

Who’s laughing now china man?!

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