My LOFT Obsession

Ladies… If you’ve never been to an Ann Taylor LOFT store then you are missing out! Do yourself a favor and go immediately. I can say this whole heartedly.. because I’m obsessed with their clothes.

Essentially, I love their style! It’s basic, conservative, and so many of their outfits can cross between work attire and every day wear for me. The other perk for me.. is the location. I only live about 20 minutes from the LOFT store, so it’s very convenient.

My only criticism would be on the quality of their clothes. Some of the shirts I’ve gotten from there are thin and don’t last as long as I would like. BUT even with that.. I would have to say I’m pretty obsessed with their clothes. I LOVE their black dress pants and the different fits that you can get. Here are a few recent outfits that I like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So where do you like to shop at?

-Mommy H.

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