Top 10 Things You Need to Consider for Swimsuit Season

1. Make sure the girls are supported but not hanging out.
No further explanation is needed here. Just see picture below.

2. Don’t be afraid to break out the one piece or the tankini.
These aren’t swimsuits just for your mother or grandmother. You can find fashionable and cute one piece swimsuits and tankinis all the time. As a C-section Mommy, these are my go to swimsuits.
onepiece tankini

3. Thongs look cute on models.. but not everyone is a model.
I know this looks to be a new trend with the ruffled bottoms that are essentially thongs with some extra cloth on the sides. BUT seriously people.. unless you have the body to wear them.. please don’t.
bottoms bottoms2

4. Know when it’s time to say Good Bye!
Yes.. swimsuits have a shelf life. They can start to fade or actually come apart. Take stock of your swimsuits at the beginning of the season and determine which need to be thrown out.

5. Zebra Tan lines.. anyone?
If you plan on covering yourself from head to toe with sun block (as you probably should) then this may not apply to you, but DO consider what kind of awkward tan lines your swimsuit might cause. (or burn lines in my case)

6. Mix and Match can be helpful.
Swimsuits can be very expensive. Buying a couple of mix and match bottoms and tops…will give you the appearance of having more than just 2 suits.


7. Make sure your bottoms are the right size.
You want your swimsuit to fit well since it will stretch once it’s in the water, but you also don’t want it to create any unnecessary extra bulges. (Also note the correct top size as stated on #1)


8. Don’t be afraid of the bold prints.
Bold designs can be slimming and flattering.

9. Black is always a great option.
If you are self-conscious about how you look (not sure WHO isn’t?) then a solid black swimsuit is always a great option. Black is very slimming and with some added compression or can look even more slimming.


10. Moms… be conservative.
Realize at some point your child may see pictures of you wearing what you are wearing (or lack there of). Now unless you are Kim K. and don’t really care.. then ask yourself this “Would I be embarrassed if my child (when a teenager) saw a picture of me wearing this?” or “Is this the correct image that I want to be portraying to other young girls?”. Yes Ladies.. there is such as things as being Conservative, Sexy and Confident without having to show it all.

e60b6f41510788dbc9d1ebde7e733d2d 1137-109-A-N5B

– Mommy H.

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