The Importance of Date Night

Life is busy and sometimes hectic.

Whether you have a family or it’s just your and your significant’s easy to get caught up in LIFE.

How quickly we get into a routine of running to work, sitting through practices, completing errands, family vacations, playing with our child(ren) and everything else that comes with LIFE. That sometimes we lose sight of the most obvious thing we need to nurture.. our relationship.

Before MiniMe came along, and before I was even married to Mr. CanDoJustAboutAnything; I always told myself that we would not be one of those couples that just goes through life and forgets to take the time to water and grow our relationship (yes that’s a gardening reference! HA).

In fact, research indicates that if more couples focused on nurturing their love for each other, the quality of their marriage relationship would be dramatically enhanced. I don’t want to wait until our daughter goes off to college and then turn and wonder who the stranger is I’m living with. Hence the importance of Date Night. Definitely easier said then done.. I know, but it has become a goal of mine to make sure we schedule time for it and make sure it’s a priority in our lives.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a nice little list of some unique date ideas (dinner out is the default).

  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Cooking class
  • Sightseeing in the city
  • Mini Golf
  • Indoor Ice Skating
  • Pick your own at a Local Farm (search
  • Bingo Night
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Massage Class
  • Local Winery Tour
  • River Boat Dinner
  • Farmers Market
  • Flea Market
  • Segway Tour
  • Skating
  • Wine Tasting Class
  • Amateur Comedy Night
  • Backyard Bonfire
  • Local Park Picnic

So put the iPhone down and enjoy some quality time with your better half.

– Mommy H.

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