Location, Location, Location

Photography is all about the LOCATION. So often I see people pay to have family portraits done and I cringe a their choice and/or the photographers choice of location. The location sets the theme and the quality of the picture. So you need to consider WHAT IS YOUR THEME?

Essentially, what do you want your pictures to portray? Do you want great candid city shots with a beautiful skyscraper or urban backdrop? or country time fields with big rolling clouds?…Granted you can’t always pick the weather. Or even just studio head shots? (Note: I don’t shoot in a studio so I will be staying clear of that part of it, but it is an option) (Also note.. I’m not an expert. I’m still learning every day!)

Just the other afternoon, I decided to do some new location scouting. We have a large open field out back behind some woods on our property. So I recently took MiniMe out there for some pictures and a quick impromptu Tea Party. The pictures turned out okay (see them below).. but I wasn’t as impressed with the lighting in the area for a sunset. The woods nearby blocked out most of the sun. The point of this discussion is that it’s critical to scope out the area prior to the session. Make sure that the lighting will be perfect and the backdrop will be what you are looking for. Since this was a casual session it worked out, and now I know what that area would be like in the future.

Of course I’m still on the hunt for my perfect location. I have a visual in my mind of what I’m looking for and some day I will find it!

2015 Tea Party

A tea party with some furry friends in the back yard.

– Mommy H.

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