8 Things People Don’t Realize About Toddlers

1. They have tons and tons and TONS of energy.
Just take my word on this one. (says the tired Mommy)

2. They will do the most unthinkable and random things ever.
Seriously, just when you think you’ve said NO or STOP THAT for the last time. Your child will do the most unimaginable thing next. Take for example the other night while the bath water was emptying out of the bathtub. My MiniMe decided to LICK, yes, LICK the bottom of the bathtub. I almost died. Mind you, our bathroom is very clean and the tub gets scrubbed every other week. But seriously.. the bottom of the bathtub. YUCK

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3. Toddlers will survive on no sleep.
Yes they will be cranky and life will be hell for everyone within a 5 mile radius, but sleep is not always needed. Some people think that maybe letting their toddler stay up later will make them sleep in. NO WAY. They always get up around the exact same time. Yes, that’s right.. it’s always EARLY. (But when they do sleep…it’s heaven and you should NEVER disturb them!)

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4. They get hurt.. all the TIME.
We’ve gone through so many PRINCESS BAND-AIDS.. I’m thinking of buying some stock in Johnson & Johnson.

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5. They will want EVERYTHING that they see. Especially toys but even some random stuff.
I have a love/hate relationship with Target. Specifically, I HATE their dollar section that is so conveniently located at the front of the building; because now we are the NOT so proud owners of many cheap little toys all over the house. (You ask why I don’t just say NO? Yeah…. Complete Meltdown vs. $1?? Choose wisely)

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6. Kids get SICK a lot.
I don’t think I’ve ever TRULY realized how much children get sick until MiniMe came along. I could probably count on 1 hand the number of weeks my kid hasn’t been sick. I’m not talking about throwing up all the time.. but just not having some kind of cough or snotty nose.

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7. Toddlers are small but they make a HUGE mess.
This doesn’t need much explanation either. Visuals will do.

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8. They will warm your heart in a second.
The simplest of gestures.. the small hand in yours, their head on your shoulder, their confession of love, their inquisitive nature, their matter of fact attitude…Can turn what was a bad stressful day into a thing of the past. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my little MiniMe.
IMG_5664 IMG_5822

– Mommy H.

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