Teacher Appreciation Week – Gift Idea

This week is the NATIONAL teacher appreciation week! Before I discuss what we did for this week.. let me take a second to put into perspective WHO we are talking about.

We all know the definition of a teacher; Teachers are the adults at the school that educate our children. Teachers are the people who spend the majority of their day with OUR children. They help our children grow mentally, emotionally and physically. They help to guide them through life. They influence our children and discipline them (obviously this is in preschool.. although I’m sure they discipline in HS). I know that they’re the ones that provide hugs and encouragement to my child through out the day. They (hopefully) do it because they enjoy and love being with children and providing a fun learning environment; where children can be children.

Normally the things they do (usually above and beyond) go on unappreciated and/or sometimes unnoticed by others. They don’t get paid the big bucks but yet they do it because it’s what they love (again.. hopefully). So during this week.. we take some time out of our busy lives to let them know how much they are appreciated!

I decided this time around we were going to bust out our Pinterest craft skills and make a little extra something for our 2 lovely preschool teachers!

So I found these cute flower-pot ideas on Pinterest. So off to LOWES I went for supplies… which consisted of the following

  1. 2 small flower pots with the equal size bases
  2. 2 small flowers (obviously the prettier the better!)
  3. 1 sample jar of yellow paint
  4. 1 can of black chalkboard paint
  5. 2 small paint brushes
  6. black sharpie
  7. chalk (I already had some at home)
  8. 2 Pencils (#2)
  9. I also bought Gift Cards for them as well.

After we got home we started painting our pots right away. We started with the yellow since it would be the easiest to paint over if we messed up (aka allowed her to work on her own). We painted the top portion of it yellow and the base yellow (not pictured).


After the yellow dried enough.. I then went back and painted the black chalkboard paint around the bottom.


Once all the paint dried; I then used a string to mark all the inch marks around the top and some tape so that I could evenly draw the lines. I then proceeded to eyeball the other marks in between. (close enough)


After that I went around and filled in the numbers and placed some gravel in the bottom of the pot. I normally do this so there is room for any water in the pot. Next it was time to place the pretty flowers in! I then used the chalk to write the note to her teachers.


Last but not least.. I decided to give them each a little gift card to Bath and Bodyworks. So I taped the gift cards to the top of a #2 pencil (to go with the teacher theme) and stuck the pencil in the flowers.

Here is the final project! A Pinterest Success for our AWESOME Teachers!


– Mommy H.
(A very appreciative parent)

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