Traveling with a Toddler

The words TODDLER and AIRPLANE.. should make everyone cringe.

Pre-Mommy Horne days.. I was that person in the airport that would cringe when I saw the little kid and/or infant screaming their heads off near the gate that I was going to. Now I’m on the other side of the coin and I nearly have anxiety attacks about making sure MY child does not negatively impact others during the flight.

Prior to this past weekend, MiniMe had only flown 1 other time when she was 9 months old. That one time was like a trip from HELL. YES, my child did not want to stay in her seat and she was by no means quiet.. thus Mommy was about to jump off the plane herself. So you can imagine my anxiety with our recent upcoming trip to Texas.

The one good thing about this trip (compared to the last) is that she’s now older and understands (sort of) what is going on..also she would have her own seat on the plane! This time I also made sure to be fully prepared to entertain for the full 2.75hrs that we would be stuck on this little puddle jumper.

To start “prepping” MiniMe, about a month in advance we began talking about the trip to her and getting her excited about traveling on the airplane to see her Uncle. During these “chats” we made sure to stress the importance of being QUIET and staying SEAT with your SEATBELT on. We chatted so much about it that when folks would ask her about what she was going to do on the plane her coined response was “You need to be QUIET”. Score one for us.

Then about a week out, I began researching for fun ideas of activities that are light weight (we already had WAY too much stuff to carry) and would keep a toddler entertained. I found a couple of cute ideas and just the reminder that a new toy is always good too. So off I went to the Dollar store and got the following…

Dollar Store (CHEAP!)
1. Little ponies
2. Little fairy dolls
3. Coloring Book
4. School Bus notebook
5. Colored Popsicle Sticks

1. Small Airplanes
2. Sofia the First Family
3. Candy
4. Velcro Circles
5. Snacks (no liquids)

1. Kid Headphones – Best things EVER!

1. Lots of movies
2. Lots of games

So the toys are fairly obvious ones. The notebook is because my daughter loves to just scribble in it and the candy was for in case of an emergency. The Velcro circles and popsicle sticks were a cute idea I had found online. You put some of the Velcro on each end and then your child can use them together and try to build things(again… small, cheap, lightweight) (Also nice to entertain at restaurants!). The airplanes I gave to her the day before we left so we could talk more about the plane ride and she could get excited about it (by the way she absolutely LOVED these).


Overall the trip there went okay.. she was a little cranky at first and got loud a couple of times and of course had to use the bathroom 3 times!! We did break into the candy sooner than I had expected but I was fine with it. Also considering we landed and had to sit on the plane waiting to go to our gate for 15 minutes.. I was happy with how she handled it.

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On the way back from TX she did AWESOME! She only got crabby 1 time and that was when she wanted to sit up to see out the window and couldn’t because her seat belt was too tight. Mainly she watched movies the whole way back and scribbled in her notebook! YAH for a successful trip.

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– Mommy H.
(Note: we won’t be traveling to Europe anytime soon)

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