iPhone Badges Drive Me Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs

In general, we all have some number of unique quirks or OCD like behaviors. I like to think a lot of mine are the common ones (hopefully). Just to give you an understanding of what I’m referring to, here are a couple of my quirks…

  • Toilet paper roll has to have the paper hanging from the top of the roll
  • Clothes need to be hung up so that the hook of the hanger faces IN not out (This is a functional one so that the hanger slides)
  • Laundry detergent goes into the water as it’s filling and prior to clothes
  • Lock doors using dead bolt not the lock on the doorknob(I’ve accidentally locked myself out.. 1 too many times)

Another one is with my iPhone. I can’t stand to have any outstanding badge icons. Yes.. that means all emails need to be dealt with and all updates and/or notifications need to be handled.

The email one is a biggie for me. I have 2 mailboxes setup on my phone. One for work and one for personal. Unfortunately, I get a lot of junk mail on my personal account but if I don’t drill into my mail app I won’t know which account it’s coming from. It also causes me some anxiety (this probably leans more towards OCD) to have a gazillion unread emails (Funny article).

All other badges need to be dealt with as well or turned off in the settings. Yes… I may know I missed a call from my mom but I will click to that screen just so the notification will go away or I will flip to LinkedIn even though I just read the email knowing someone said “Happy Work Anniversary” (aka way to not get fired), just so I won’t have to see the badge on my phone. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t then you are probably more like my husband.

If I were to grab my husband’s iPhone at any given time he would have hundreds of unread emails and even VOICEMAILS that he hasn’t listened too. SERIOUSLY.. VOICEMAILS?? I have like small heart palpitations when I look at his phone and my mind races through all these crazy scenarios of WHAT IFs? What if that person had an emergency? What if they needed you ASAP? What if the email you haven’t read is telling you someone stole your credit card information? What if…

Heck.. sometimes I even listen to his messages so the icon will go away and I can make sure it’s not anything important. Meanwhile there he sits… as happy and carefree as a clam (who the hell knows if clams are actually happy). That’s when I realized.. responding to every little notification on my iPhone is going to drive me crazy and take away from the things that matter most.. the here and the now.

Do I let my inbox get up to 500 unread emails.. NO, but I do try to make a concerted effort to put my iPhone down and enjoy my life without badges.

-Mommy H.

(Blogging from my iPhone 📱)

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