Stitch Fix – Box #4

So I’m a little late on posting about this month’s Stitch Fix box. Not that I wasn’t excited to get it.. I’ve just been extremely busy lately. For all of you anxiously waiting to hear/see what I got this month… here it is!


1. Fun2Fun – Marlena Abstract Print Tab Sleeve Blouse
I found this top a little interesting. It’s made of a very comfy material that will be great for this summer at work. It’s not exactly the color or pattern that I would pick out for myself but since it has a little black in it.. I definitely like it with some black dress pants (Imagine that!) – Keeping it
IMG_6487 IMG_6488IMG_6503

2. Pixley – Bixby Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse
At first glance I was definitely not sure about this top. I mean.. seriously.. a bird pattern. But the more I looked at it and tried it on.. I actually kind of like it. It’s definitely unique and not something I would normally pick up. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the material. The fit is a little snug around the chest area (story of my life) but it’s another great top for work. – Keeping it

3. Mosey – The Bucket Nylon Crossbody Bag
This bag is NOT my style at all. Normally all my purses are large enough to carry a laptop, iPad, or camera inside. So I’m not a fan of small casual purses. If they would have sent a small evening night out type purse then I might be more interested. But for an everyday bag this is not my cup of tea. – Sending it back

4. 41Hawthorn – Berneen Dolman Knit Top
This top is a little interesting with a crazy pattern. It kind of has the winged sleeves as seen in the picture. It’s a little tighter on my abdominal area but I would probably wear this with a longer skirt than a pair of black pants as seen in the picture. Also note… I need to hit the gym. – Keeping it

5. Just Black – Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean
This is where the whole Stitch Fix Profile kind of fails. In my profile is specifically says DO NOT SEND SKINNY JEANS. And what do they do??? They send black Ankle ZIP (ZIP… when you actually zip your ankles in!!) Skinny Jeans. My ass and legs are too big to fit into Skinny Jeans folks.. Lets get this straight… I’M NOT SKINNY! Whew.. thank goodness we got that cleared up. – Sending Back with a BIG FAT NO!IMG_6485

Overall, I kept 3 out of the 5 items which I still think is pretty good. This go around I had asked my stylist to send more tops/blouses that would be work appropriate and I think that she delivered with at least 2 of them. Next month I will probably ask for a couple more business casual work tops and some dress capris for the summer. So we will see what next month brings!

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-Mommy H.

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