Our First Dance Recital

When I was a small child, I used to take dance classes. I took ballet, tap, and jazz. I loved taking the classes with my friends and would look forward to the big shows on the stage. Obviously I was always a little nervous but it was fun to show off our skills in front of the crowd. I wasn’t that super great at it but it made me become comfortable with myself and somewhat comfortable standing up on a large stage in front of others.

So 2014, I decided to enroll my daughter into dance class as well. Since she was just turning 2 at the beginning of the year she was in the youngest class they have and they only taught them ballet. Class was once a week for 30 minutes. During this time the parents had to sit out front in the waiting room for some good mom gossip time. Every couple of months we were allowed to actually go in and watch what our kids had learned so far. Normally these nights were somewhat chaotic and disorganized with the parents involved.

Then at the end of the season they would have a large recital at the huge Performing Arts Center in the city. MiniMe’s class was going to be dancing to Winnie the Pooh on stage. They got their pretty little tutu costumes which had nothing to do with Winnie the Pooh but were still super cute.. although someone had a major meltdown while trying hers on at home. Fun Times.

Dress rehearsal was to be on Monday night at the Performing Arts Center. We arrived there not quite knowing what to expect. Everything was a little crazy and we were all a little lost.. but the girls had to go back stage and the parents had to sit out in the audience. When it was time for MiniMe’s class to start they helped walk them out onto the stage to stand on their numbers. Now picture this.. 7 little 3 year olds walking out onto a HUGE stage at a place they’ve never been too! I felt so nervous for them but was so excited. They only got to practice their routine 2 times…. most of the rehearsing was focused on how they were going to enter the stage. Which I felt was a big mess.. but oh well.


After the stage part they had group pictures in the back and then individual pictures out in the lobby.. this is when our child decided to have a complete meltdown. Needless to say by the time we made it home my nerves were shot.

So fast forward to Friday night… RECITAL NIGHT! We went through the same routine but this time I took MiniMe straight back to the backstage area where we hung out and ate snacks and waited for the show to start. Once all the assistants were there to help I slipped away to go back out and find my seat. I was so NERVOUS! I just kept praying that she wouldn’t get out there and freak out or start crying.

When it was their turn.. the first little girl walked out and it was soo cute!! They made their way onto the stage.. I was yelling and cheering them on from right at the bottom so I could get pictures. MiniMe instantly saw me and started waving. They started the routine and she did a little of it….from time to time she would stop and just look around but then towards the end she starting singing and doing more of the moves. I was so proud of her. She had made it out on to this big stage in front of hundreds of people and danced and sang Winnie the Pooh.

– Mommy H.

(One proud mom!)

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