Airplane Etiquette – The Dos and Don’ts of Flying

So I don’t normally do a ton of traveling, but over my life I’ve flown probably about 30 different times. Recently, I made two different trips via plane and it was during said trips that I realized that there is some important AIRPLANE ETIQUETTE that I need to review with everyone. So here are MY do’s and don’ts about flying..

1. Do NOT bring stinky food onto the plane.
So this one didn’t occur on the recent trips, but one time on our way back from Mexico the people right behind us brought on some Cajun peel and eat shrimp!! The WHOLE plane smelled of shrimp within minutes. Thank god neither one of us have a shell-fish allergy. I felt like this was BEYOND rude!

2. Do NOT have an extremely loud conversation with another person.
On my flight to NYC, there were 2 guys in the row behind me and for at least 20 minutes they had a super loud conversation about EVERYTHING. It was sooo annoying. I had to hear the one guy complain about overweight people, who his daughter is dating, and living the American dream. The guy was rude, abrasive, and thought extremely highly of himself. And evidently felt like others should hear about him as well.

3. Do bring headphones for any device that you have.
Noise canceling headphones are great and help ease any pain felt from item 2, but mainly this is because people around you don’t want to hear what movie you are watching or what music you are listening too.

4. Do NOT assume that the person next to you wants to socialize with you.
Normally I’m a pretty social person, but sometimes I like to just sit there and enjoy the book I’m reading or enjoy some quiet time. So for those of you that hop on the plane and feel like I’m going to want to hear your life story….that’s a big FAT NO THANK YOU!

5. Do NOT assume that you can sit in anyone’s seat before they actually get to their seat.
This one surprised me on my way to NYC. As people were boarding the plane I watched this women who was a few rows ahead of me sit next to her husband in the window seat and he sat in the middle seat. Then about 5 minutes later another lady boards and does a double take at her ticket to confirm that the lady is indeed sitting in her seat next to the window. The flight attendant notices the situation and asks the lady sitting where her seat is and she points to the aisle seat in the row ahead of them!!?! She doesn’t even speak to the women whose seat she just so rudely stole!! Unfortunately the other women was super nice and was completely fine with taking the aisle seat. Needless to say I was shocked and could not believe the audacity of some people.

6. Do make sure you’ve bathed recently and don’t have any extreme cologne or perfume on.
This is a basic one but seriously.. planes are small and they don’t have a lot of fresh air. On my way home from Chicago, I had to sit next to a women that had the world’s worst smell EVER! I was near having to use my barf bag… unfortunately as we were circling the airport in the air she decided she needed it more than me. Not fun.

7. Do put your phone on silent.
It’s similar to the movies folks.. it’s annoying as all hell.

8. Do NOT huddle around the gate waiting for your zone to be called.
This one always makes me laugh. We have ASSIGNED seats (unless some lady steals yours). So just stay seated in the airport and when they call your zone make your way to the gate entrance. No need to huddle around the entrance so that those that are actually needing to get on the plane have to fight their way through you.

9. Do make sure you use the restroom before boarding the plane.
I realize that everyone has their own specific needs and sometimes in the case of a long flight you may have to use the bathroom. I’m perfectly fine with that. BUT if you have to take a big stinky poop… please do so BEFORE buckling yourself into a small cabin plane with tons of other people.

10. Do bring breath mints or gum
This goes along with the smell deal.. I don’t want to smell your bad breath and the gum helps with the ear popping as well.

There you have it folks. Tons of basic common sense things that hopefully you already knew to do before your next flight to Timbuctoo.

– Mommy H.

(Infrequent Flyer)

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