New York City – Day 1

Just the other week I went to NYC for some leadership training. It’s been quite sometime since I was last in NYC so it was fun to do some sightseeing at night and try some city photography. I arrived mid day on Sunday, so that I could get settled in at the hotel before the class started the following morning.

After settling in.. I took off for the streets. Nothing in particular just wandering around and heading in the general direction of Adorama (one of my favorite camera stores). Here are a few sites I passed along the way.

Time Square
A crazy touristy area that’s slammed full of tourist and people trying to sell stuff. It’s amazing to see all the building and billboards though. And yes.. that is a picture of a women wearing nothing but a thong and pasties.. it was flag day so she was celebrating. She was one of 5 other women with minimal clothing on. I felt very overdressed. HA! (Only in NYC)

Bryant Park
This was such an interesting place. It’s obviously where New Yorker’s come to enjoy the sun. Plus it had great shade around the outside and wonderful little tables and chairs everywhere. They had tons of old men playing chess and young children playing as well. It was wonderful to see.
NYC-13 NYC-6 NYC-5

Empire State Building
On my way to the camera shop, I passed the Empire State building. I have more pictures from inside.. but that was on a different day. On this day I just walked by it.

Flat Iron Building
A very interesting shaped building, that is considered one of the most iconic skyscrapers and possibly one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

Interesting People
Just some random shots. Followed alongside the guy with the sign for a while, as he informed everyone that they needed to find Jesus in their life. The last picture is from on my way back to the hotel, I stopped for a drink at Bryant Park again and to rest my feet (walked about 8 miles). Noticed all these models getting their hair done. Found out that this was a magazine photo shoot. Fun to watch… and I did considering running out with all the photographers to try my hand! HA-HA😂… Oh well.. I had to accept my creeper photo from the park.

Overall it was a fun sightseeing day!!

– Mommy Horne

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