New York City – Day 2 & 3

So with the recent 4th of July Holiday.. I never finished my series of blogs on my NYC Trip. So here is the 2nd blog about the trip.

On Monday (Day 2) of the trip I had class all day and then headed to the Empire State Building that evening. Unfortunately, it was too foggy out so they were advising people to come back a different day since you wouldn’t be able to see anything. After that I ended up going out to eat at a little unique bar (Faces and Names) that had AWESOME mini tacos for an appetizer! Not a lot of sightseeing pictures from this day. (Just my iPhone pic of Mini Tacos… again DELICIOUS!)

On Tuesday (Day 3), I again had class all day and then that night I went to see a comedy show at Carolines on Broadway to laugh my ass off with Bill Dawes. IT WAS AWESOME! I ate dinner there as part of the show and had a blast; laughing with everyone. I just LOVE a good comedy show.

After the show, I took off to the empire state building. It was a clear night so I went up to the 86th floor and the top deck at 102nd! It was breath-taking. Below are a handful of the pictures I took… make you just fall in love with the city.

– Mommy H.

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