New York City – Day 4

On Wednesday (Day 4), my last full day in NYC. I had class up until 4:30pm then I took off for my last evening of sightseeing around the city. I started off with a little souvenir shopping for the kiddo and husband. Then back to the hotel for a quick break and some dinner.

Then last but not least.. I headed out for the World Trade Center Memorial. Unfortunately, I was given incorrect information and by the time I had gotten there the memorial was already closed. Big thumbs down.

BUT I still got to see the One World Trade Center and I actually went up into the building. I took a few neat pictures of the building and then some of the city from inside. Unlike the Empire State Building, the One World Trade Center’s observation deck is fully glassed in. So some of my pictures have a bad glare on them. You will notice the exposure is pretty low to try to make up for any window glare.

Again, the sights were definitely breathtaking from this tower and looking down on the memorial from inside was really sobering. To think of all the lives that were lost during that horrible day. Definitely took some time to remember those that lost their lives trying to save others as well.

– Mommy H.

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