Boo-boo Healer

Occasionally (feels like daily),  I have to put on my mom doctor hat and step into my sometimes unappreciated role as Boo-boo Healer. Don’t be fooled… this is a full-time job when you have young children in the house. My qualifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tear Wiper
  • Nose Dryer
  • Salve Applier
  • Band-aid Wrangler (Also includes choosing the appropriate cartoon for the situation)
  • Ice Packer
  • Cuddlier
  • Medicine Dispenser
  • Ointment Slather
  • Blood Cleaner
  • Sanitizer
  • Distraction Entertainer
  • Pillow Fluff-er
  • Pain-Away Kisser

I know.. right… You are AMAZED. Sometimes I amaze myself.. but there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to take the pain away from my Mini Me.

A little foot propped…

A little ice…
And when all else fails.. a little Chocolate Doughnut makes it all better!

– Mommy H.

(Graduate from Ouchies & Boo-boo Healing School For Moms)

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