Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of a Selfie

It’s interesting to watch the trend of “selfies” as they are becoming more and more popular. It’s become such a craze that these “selfie sticks” are selling like hot cakes everywhere (I have not jumped on that bandwagon yet😒). It’s crazy to just look at the trend of the word “Selfie” over the past couple of years. If you don’t know what a selfie is then feel free to crawl out of your cardboard box and check this link out cause I won’t be explaining it. What I will be explaining is the Dos and Don’ts of selfie photography! Buckle your seat-belts.

1. DO make sure you are wearing something appropriate.
I feel like this is a pretty obvious one, but seriously people.. if it’s not a picture you would want your grandmother to see then you shouldn’t be posting it. There is such a thing of being edgy and fun but not slutty. (This wouldn’t be a selfie blog without some picture of Kim K)

kimk kkar152014-1

2. DO make sure your kiddos are safe and out of harms way and ideally NOT in your sexy selfie.
This just screams bad parenting. Enough said.

3. DON’T post selfie after selfie after selfie of yourself doing the same exact thing.
It’s call narcissism people… look it up. If I have to see your mug multiple times throughout the day from just a slightly different angle but doing the exact same thing.. yeah…no bueno.

imagesCA5BTC7P imagesCATOLPWD

4. DO make sure that you are not around dangerous animals.
This just blows my mind.. Who in their right mind would quick try to take a picture in front of a wild animal that could easily do some real damage???

5. DO make sure to take the picture at a flattering angle.
I think MOST selfie addicts already know this one but I had to list it. Please note I don’t want to see your double chin nor do I want to see up your nose. Just saying.

6. DON’T take a selfie of you or anyone else you know with drugs and/or massive amounts of money.This is by far the dumbest one. Come on people… REALLY?

7. DO make sure it’s an appropriate time to be taking a selfie.
Don’t being taking pictures while you are driving. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. I’ve seen a lot of recent fatalities due to distracted drivers and it’s just downright sad. We need to stop trying to multitask (I admit – this is hard for me) and focus on the fact that we are driving a heavy piece of metal that could seriously hurt someone in a second. So I will say it again.. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE. Beyond that other places like funerals, Operating rooms, and while on the TOILET are not OKAY people.

8. DON’T make the extreme duck face in your picture.
This has been wayyyyyy overplayed.

9. DON’T edit your selfie so that it’s ridiculously fake.
I’m not opposed to a little touch up like teeth whitening and some basic white balance type stuff… but don’t go to extremes. It will only make you look worse.

10. DO make sure to double-check your selfie before you post it for the world to see!

Bathroom mirrors are not always forgiving for some and could potentially show things you were trying to crop out of your selfie. 😳   

– Mommy H.

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