The Power of Adobe Photoshop

I have always been fascinated with Adobe Photoshop. I LOVE to alter existing pictures and there are just sooo may different ways to do some really cool stuff with Photoshop. On a regular basis, I use Adobe Lightroom to alter my every day pictures which normally includes basic post processing items like cropping, adjusting exposure, etc. Occasionally I will edit a picture in Photoshop but it’s very rare. So my skills aren’t that advanced.

A couple of months ago, I came across this article about this lady taking a basic picture of herself and sending it to multiple professional photographers or agencies to edit in Photoshop in 25 different countries. The results were amazing. You could easily see what every country considered to be attractive and their unique cultural differences. See the article here.

On that same thread (much smaller scale)…. I decided to take a self-portrait and modify it in 3 different ways in Photoshop. Below are my images. Please note.. none of them are the original so you won’t hurt my feelings. Please vote on which one you find the most appealing or attractive. (Not an option to pick none of the above – sorry if you find my mug ugly.)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3



After 1 week, I will share the final results with a side by side of the original!

-Mommy H.

(Don’t trust any picture in a magazine)

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