Food Prep Wednesdays

I try to eat healthy everyday for every meal. Try being the keyword in that sentence. Unfortunately, after attempting many diets and approaches.. I’ve determined that having a busy crazy mom and professional 40hr work week schedule makes it extremely difficult to eat healthy. In comes my food prep Wednesdays.

I realized that the times I did the best on a diet were when I actually took the time to prep my meals for an extended period of time. I used to do all this prep work on Sunday which was not fun and made my Sundays feel miserable. Plus Sundays can quickly get booked by other events (FOOTBALL!) or I come up with other reasons not to cook (FOOTBALL!). So I moved it to Wednesday night. Yes it’s a workday night and normally I’m up late cooking all night, but it very rarely gets taken over by some other event in my life. So WEDNESDAY it is!

Now WHY you ask does prepping help me eat healthy?

Prepping takes time and planning. I usually create a little menu chart for myself on what I will eat for the upcoming week. That then creates my grocery list.. off I run to the grocery store after work and then straight home to start cooking. I’ve also learned that mixing up your meals from day-to-day adds just enough variety that it doesn’t get boring. Take for instance.. one day I eat shrimp for lunch and chicken for dinner and the next day beef tips for lunch and fish for dinner. This variety helps to make sure that you don’t get bored eating back to back lunches of the same grilled chicken salads. On top of that I also will throw in a new recipe from time to time to get different variations on the meals I’m eating. I’ve tried horrible ones like salt & peppered shrimp to really yummy ones like a cabbage and shrimp stir fry. Again… variety is key.

So you ask yourself.. what does all this planning and prepping and cooking gain you? Well as I mentioned I have a very busy schedule and some nights I just want to come home and sit down (all fine). BUT what if I was so exhausted that I just came home and sat down and realized I had nothing to eat for dinner? Then what?? It would probably end up being something quick and easy… which is normally not good for you! Healthy is not always quick and easy (unless it’s a salad… and I get tired of salads).

BUT.. after a night of prepping my food and cooking and cleaning the kitchen until 10:30. I have nothing to worry about on that bad day. Cause dinner is already in a correctly sized portion controlled container… just waiting for me to microwave it. BAM! That’s healthy eating in less than 5 minutes. So if you struggle like me to eat healthy and you live with picky eaters… you may want to consider Food Prep Wednesdays!!

Here are some pictures from my prep nights and the different meals (iPhone pics so disregard the quality).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– Mommy H.

Still has to cook for her daughter and husband from time to time.

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