Stitch Fix – Box #7

YIPPEE!! My stitch fix box is here! As usual I was excited to see what my stylist had chosen for me this month. Of course I did send in some suggestions on items I would like to see. I requested more work shirts, work pants, and possibly some outfits to transition to fall in. Here is what I got…

1. RD Style – Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater
At first I wasn’t sure about this sweater, cause I was expecting some lighter weight transition pieces. After trying it on though.. I decided I really liked it! Specifically I loved the ELBOW PATCHES and it’s not really that heavy. Keeping it.



2. Sweet Rain – Frey Roll Tab Blouse
This shirt is nice and light weight and would be a good shirt to wear to work. It’s hard to tell but it’s actually a dark blue color. After trying this shirt on I wasn’t crazy about how long it was in the back and I also have quite a few shirts like this style already. Returning it.

IMG_7602 IMG_7594

3. Skies are Blue – Waki Split Back Pullover
I instantly fell in love with this shirt upon pulling it out of the box. From the front it looks like a basic light weight pull over sweater, but the back of it splits and there is a nice ribbon and a silk type shirt underneath that is connected!! LOVE IT. Keeping it

IMG_7589 IMG_7587 Untitled

4. Skies are Blue – Kendruh Layered Hem Knit Top
Another top to transition to fall with. Again a thin sweater that has a pretty hem at the bottom that adds some uniqueness to a typical black sweater. I absolutely love it.. so I’m keeping it!

IMG_7597 IMG_7596 IMG_7615 IMG_7616

5. Margaret M – Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant
When I pulled these pants out.. I REALLY wasn’t sure what they were thinking. The pattern was a little out there for me and there are no pockets or anything to DISTRACT!! Of course I had to give them a try, and after putting them on I still wasn’t crazy about them. For me they were a little short, a little too tight (not flattering) , and NOT MY STYLE. Returning

IMG_7591 IMG_7590 IMG_7604 IMG_7607

This box was a solid 3 out of 5. As with every month it was fun and exciting to see what they sent. I really wish they would have sent some solid colored pants or something a little more my style; I will probably request pants again next month and see if they can figure it out. So we will see!!

-Mommy H.

Sorry for some blurry iPhone pics. YIKES

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