Making My Own Mummy Wraps

So I’m not really making mummy wraps, but newborn wraps for a newborn session! Turns out that buying these little wraps in every color under the sun can get expensive. So in an effort to save money… I decided to make my own! Yikes

As usual I found someone else that had attempted it and followed her directions. Which consisted of getting yards of cheese cloth and then dyeing. Since my first session was with a little boy… I opted for the boy colors first (or at least I had planned too).

Below are the supplies needed..

  • RIT dyes
  • 2 yards of Cheesecloth per wrap
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Stainless steel spoon or cheap spoon that you can throw away
  • Bucket to dye cloths in
  • Pot to boil water in


Once you have all your supplies ready it’s time to begin…

  1. Start by boiling your water   IMG_7509
  2. Cut the cheese cloth into 2 yard sectionsIMG_7511
  3. Add necessary boiled water to bucket
  4. Add set amount of dyes to the bucket
  5. Test color with paper towel
  6. Add more water if you want the colors to be lighter
  7. Add cheesecloth to bucketIMG_7510
  8. Stir every 5 minutes
  9. Soak in bucket for total of 30 minutes
  10. Remove and rinse under warm water
  11. Then cooler water once water starts to run clear
  12. Wash in delicate bag in washing machine
  13. Line dry or dry in the dryerIMG_7532

DONE! Now Enjoy!


Please note the 2nd cheesecloth from the left was supposed to be brown and the 3rd from the left was supposed to be tan! Whoops

– Mommy H.

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