What to wear for Family Photos?

Every year we get pictures taken in the fall for our Yearly Family Photos. It’s a tradition I started and I like to continue to do every year… because although I take photos of my family, I’m very rarely IN the photos (not always a bad thing). Plus there are some really talented photographers out there and I love to see what they come up with!! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kasey Loftin the last few times and she’s AWESOME!

The only problem is that every year right about this time… I start stressing on what we are all going to wear?! I’m not trying to make us all match-matchy but to at least be in the same color family and be appropriate for fall.


In the past, I’ve always picked an outfit out that I liked for myself and/or an outfit for MiniMe and then tried to coordinate off of that. BUT it’s a huge pain in the butt and I have such a hard time actually finding clothes I like. So this year I hit up my friend who always does a fabulous job of coordinating her family outfits to see if she could help me. I sent her this image as an example of something I was interested in.

A couple of hours later (cause she’s that good), she sent me a ton of links of items to look at. Here is what we decided upon…


Now that this is all out-of-the-way (stressful part = DONE), I can’t wait for our Fall Family Photos next month!!

What do you think of the outfits? Do you struggle picking out coordinated outfits for your family or am I the only one (surely not… hopefully)??

-Mommy H.

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