8 Things You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T Do While in Las Vegas

Last monthIMG_8660, my husband and I went to Las Vegas for our very FIRST time. We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We stayed at the Wynn resort which was spectacular and enjoyed our adult (childless) weekend. (THANKS MOM!)


So now since I’ve been to Vegas for all of 4 days…. I now consider myself an expert (HA!) and I’m going to give you my personal list of what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do in Las Vegas. Enjoy.

1.You SHOULD wear comfy walking shoes during the day.
So the very first full day there, we decided to take off walking down the strip. Little did we know but it’s an extremely long strip by foot. It doesn’t look as long as you might think but it’s a TON of walking.

2. You SHOULDN’T bet on the little street gambler guy. No Bueno
A nice little story behind this one… but let me leave it at.. you will LOSE and we LOST! 😦

3. You SHOULD make sure to see at least 1 major show.
The shows there are awesome and every night there are a ton to choose from. So you just CAN’T go to VEGAS without seeing a show. We went to see Rock of Ages and one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows called Zarkana. Both we GREAT shows and a lot of fun.
IMG_8631 IMG_8634

4. You SHOULD plan on filling at least one sink with waters, Gatorade, and ice for the next morning.
So little did we know that the resort would have our mini fridge stocked with beverages and booby trapped so that if you removed anything it would charge your room. Needless to say these drinks were NOT cheap. So we went a little GHETTO on this one. 🙂

5. You SHOULD people watch the ENTIRE time.
Las Vegas is completely for adults (although you do see some kids), mainly cause there are just some crazy individuals and street performers of all types!! That makes for some awesome people watching.

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6. You SHOULD make sure to walk through some of the other large casinos.
Some of the places have the GORGEOUS lobbies that are just cool to quickly walk through.

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7. You SHOULDN’T try to diet while you are there.
Tons of great places to eat and try. This is my extremely unhealthy meal from Guy Fieri’s restaurant.

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8. You SHOULD bring some nicer business casual outfits.
I was worried on what to wear out in the evenings and you certainly see a wide variety of outfits. I mainly wore business casual outfits and the one night wore my little black dress. I did see some people who were dressed to the nines, but I felt comfortable in what I was wearing. Shameless selfies below…

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So there you have IMG_8668it folks….your personal list of 8 things you should and shouldn’t do in Las Vegas..brought to you by the expert.

-Mommy H.

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