Stitch Fix – Box #8

Just the other month (yes.. I’m behind), I received my 8th stitch fix box after a 2 month sabbatical from stitch fix. Some of you may have noticed I have not blogged any stitch fix reviews lately and that’s because I had delayed them for a few months, which is actually REALLY easy to do on their site (a + in my book). I didn’t delay because I was tired or didn’t like what I was receiving… it was more a matter of what I had already spent money on during those months. Which included a bunch of new jeans, new outfits for our family pictures, and my favorite pair of MICHAEL KORS sandals. LOVE. With all those purchases, I felt I had already spent above my monthly allowance on clothing apparel for myself thus I decided to delay my subscription (also delayed in December).

So now I’ve finally received my 8th box (last month)!! I was very excited to see what they would send. I had specifically requested more work attire and pants for work. So without any further delay here is my stitch fix box #8 review.

1. Kut From The Kloth – Stefany Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant
SO my very first thought was “Skinny Pants.. REALLY?!”. Am I the only person in this world that just isn’t over the moon on skinny pants? As is the point behind Stitch Fix.. I tried them on. And guess what?…I didn’t like them! Big surprise there. RETURNED.

(Please excuse the tiny grubby hand prints all over the bottom of my mirror)

2. Moon Collection – Tirana Drape Front Blazer
Right out of the box I wasn’t crazy about this blazer. Specifically cause it was an odd green color and it was too floppy. The front had no buttons… I couldn’t tell if I was supposed to wrap it or what. If I positioned it like in the picture it literally wouldn’t stay that way. It was just awkward and I felt it made me look big. No go for me. RETURNED


3. Collective Concepts – Herzel Fauz Wrap Blouse
I was impressed with this blouse. I liked that it was a lighter fabric and had an interesting design and of course would work with my Go To black dress pants for work. Plus it was a nice long sleeve for the cooler months ahead. KEEPING

4. Papermoon – Holden Scoop Neck Blouse
At first I wasn’t sure about this top. It was also very light but definitely required a tank to be worn underneath it. It’s a different kind of green color which is hard to see via the pictures. It’s sort of your typical blouse but nice an airy. KEEPING

(Yes.. I am wearing skinny jeans… and I look ridiculous. Told yah so!)

5. Kut From The Kloth – Siena Cropped Pant
Again.. I was confused with the pant selection. Cropped pants for fall? Maybe I’m totally out of style with my pants. I tried them on and they fit fine.. but I’m not in need of any cropped pants at the moment. RETURNED

So there you have it folks.. my 8th stitch fix a month late. With a 2 out of 3 rating. They seem to be struggling with understanding my style of pants, but definitely have nailed the top selection. So we will see on the next go around which won’t be until January 2016!

-Mommy H.
(Non-Skinny Pants For Work Mom)

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