Until We Meet Again..ELF!

Similar to all other American Households with young children, during the month of December we participated in the semi annoying, fairly new, and obnoxious tradition of.. Elf On a Shelf (wish I would have come up with this idea.. I would be on the beach right now).

Christmas 2014 was our first holiday season with our new little friend.. my daughter decided to name her SPARKLE. Yes.. I think it sounds like a stripper name but whatever she wants. This year since she can’t really remember last year, I had to go through the whole routine of watching the movie and reading the book so that the rules of the Elf on the Shelf were very clear to her (apparently I needed to remind my husband as well) . Then BAM the next morning like some spectacular Christmas miracle this somewhat creepy, beady eyed elf appeared and just like that every evening was a late night of trying to figure out creative and silly ways to hide this elf.

So typical Mommy Horne style, I made sure to do some GOOGLING (yes.. it’s a verb) for some wonderful ideas to steal borrow. Then just to make sure I stayed on track and actually planned it out, I made myself an ELF Calendar. Yep.. OCD.

So here is my spectacular calendar….feel free to borrow next year. ElfCalendar

Please note that during this month, my child decided multiple times that our Elf would be named Ralph (Her good friend’s elf’s name) and then one time referred to her as Jesus. It wasn’t until about the last week that she actually switched back to the stripper name of SPARKLE. Which I should have totally changed to something better cause she would have never known the difference!! Oh well… always December 2016.

And as if you haven’t already seen enough ELF on a shelf pictures to gouge your eyes out.. here are so more! ENJOY. Thank goodness that’s over.


-Mommy H.



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