Self Portrait Sunday

Normally I prefer to be BEHIND the camera and very rarely am I actually in the pictures unless it’s a quick snap with my iPhone or our yearly family photos in the fall, but with the NEW YEAR here.. I decided to try something new and different.. I decided to begin a Self Portrait Project.

I don’t currently have any rules our guidelines for myself.. I just know I will be doing more self portrait sessions (hopefully weekly). Some of the pictures I post may be a series while others may be individual. It all depends on what I like from the session. That’s the beauty of it being a project I created = I get to make the rules.

My current vision is for more lifestyle shots of myself, but I may try and put some artistic shots in the mix and stretch my photography skill set. Who knows… basically it will be whatever strikes my mood for the week. The biggest challenge will be.. well myself… we are our own worst critics.

So without further delay.. here is my first session.



-Mommy H.
(Coffee Addict)

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