Stitch Fix – Box #9

My first 2016 STITCH FIX! I was pretty excited to see what was in the box to kick off my New Year in a fashionable way. I had requested more work attire and no sweaters or wintry clothes… we normally have a fairly short winter.  For this fix I did cheat and pre-looked online to try and see what was coming. So my reactions will include what I thought I was going to think about it and then what I actually thought about it after I received it and tried it on. So with no further delay… here is what I got.

1. 41Hawthorn – Astrid Tie Neck Blouse
This top looked AWESOME online. I instantly knew that I would probably love it when it came in. I normally wear a lot of black dress pants for work so the black and white design would fit perfectly into my wardrobe for work. Once the top arrived, I was not disappointed at all I was even more impressed. The top not only had the TIE part in the front which added some extra character but it also had buttons underneath so the top was not cut too low in the front making it work appropriate. I also LOVED that the arm holes on this sleeveless shirt were not too big. Normally when I find something that fits across the chest the arm holes are HUGE and I have to worry about stuff showing from the side view. YIKES. So if you haven’t already figured out.. I definitely decided to KEEP IT.

2. Loveappella – Edgewater Knit Top
When I looked online I thought this shirt looked comfy and was a definite keeper for weekend attire. When it arrived I wasn’t exactly crazy about the fit.. it was a little tight and longer in the back then what I was expecting. So literally at one point it was in the “SEND BACK” pile and last minute I decided to KEEP IT. Hopefully I won’t later regret my decision. I could just see myself wearing this around as lounge wear.

3. Market & Spruce – Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt
I don’t normally own a lot of PLAID shirts, so when I saw this one online I was intrigued aka on the fence. Once it arrived I liked it and thought it would be nice and comfy for the weekends and go well with my daughter’s upcoming Cowgirl Birthday party. The color was decent and I could see myself wearing it with jeans, BUT the fit wasn’t right. Unfortunately it did not fit well in the bust area and created a puckering effect between the buttons. Story of my life. RETURNED IT

4. Mavi – Malin Bootcut Jean
I rolled my eyes when I saw that jeans were on their way to me and even after I first slipped them on.. I was considering sending them back. BUT as I wore them with all the different tops.. I slowly changed my mind. They sit a little low for me but they were comfy and I definitely could see myself wearing these with some nice flats. KEEP IT

5. Kensie – Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer
This is the 2nd time I’ve been sent a blazer so I was a little reluctant at first when I saw it online. BUT when it arrived and I put it on with the Tie Neck Blouse I did really like it. The fit was a little small for me, and the color was a little out of the norm for me, but I did like it. The only issue is I wouldn’t know what kind of pants to wear unless they were jeans, and I can’t quite justify spending $98 on a blazer that I don’t see myself wearing much or have a need to wear at this moment. RETURNED IT

So this stitch fix ranked a 3 out of 5. Not too bad. Can’t wait to see what comes next month!!

-Mommy H.

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