Bucket List Item #5

Just hop in the car and randomly drive with my camera next to me.


So often my locations that I shoot are found on my way to and from work or to and from daycare or while I’m out running errands. I’ve had a few small opportunities to just drive around looking for cool locations or based on tips from others. BUT this is more than just the 20 mile radius around my house. This is about a whole day trip in just some random direction. Completely unplanned and without any expectations (thus not to be disappointed).


I’m not the spontaneous type; I plan everything to the T and I will have multiple check off lists to prove it…  so this would be completely out of my comfort zone but something about it strikes me as fun and living on the edge and who knows maybe I will find some awesome hole in the wall with to die for fried pickles and craft beer or some breathtaking view of the real world. ~ There I go… setting up expectations. OR maybe it will be a bust but a day in the car singing to myself and wasting some cheap gas. Who knows.. but it’s on the list now.

-Mommy H.

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