1 Year of Blogging

Happy Anniversary to Mommy Horne!! It’s kind of hard to believe that March 9, 2015 was the day of my very first BLOG.. the typical HELLO WORLD blog. It seems like I’ve been blogging FOREVER!

So with that said we (<- makes it sound like I have a team of super cool editors) over here at Mommy Horne Incorporated (sounds official) would like to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for following.

So go ahead.. lift your RIGHT arm straight up into the air, then bend it back at the elbow and go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, and just imagine it’s me saying THANK YOU for being a loyal reader and follower. OR… for automatically sending the weekly emails to your junk account. Either OR.. THANKS. I APPRECIATE IT!!

Before I conclude this slightly awkward blog.. here are some fun facts about Mommy Horne.

    • MommyHorne.com has had a total of 2,745 visitors.
    • The most popular day of the week at MommyHorne.com is on Sundays with 22% of the total views.
    • Currently have 65 followers at MommyHorne.com
    • The most viewed blog is Stitch Fix Box #7; currently at 276 views.
    • The busiest day at MommyHorne.com was Sunday, November 22, 2015 with 438 views!
    •   The most awkward search term used to find the blog so far was “horne mommy”. (I bet that poor soul was extremely disappointed)
    • Total number of grammar mistakes throughout MommyHorne.com ENDLESS.
    • Total amount of time I spent begging people to follow my blog..probably about a years worth. 😉
    • Total amount of wine I consume while writing these blogs….eh.. never mind.

So with that I conclude with another BIG FAT THANK YOU for following me; hopefully you find some of what I write about or the pictures I post to be interesting. If not then please feel free to fill out the complaint form.. link is at the top. Happy Friday Everyone!

-Mommy H.
(one of the editors over here)


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