Top 10 Annoying Things People Do In Public

There are times when I’m out running errands, out for dinner, traveling, or taking my daughter to different events that I am just AMAZED at how rude people truly are. It saddens me to think that most of these rude people don’t realize they are being annoying and see nothing wrong with what they are doing. It’s my personal opinion that 90% of their actions exist because of how they were raised; whether it’s lack of manners, picking up bad habits from a family member, or even cultural beliefs. The other 10%.. may be just plain stupidity. 🙂

With that said.. here is my list of the top most annoying things I’ve witnessed people doing in public situations.

1. Loudly having a phone conversation on speaker phone or better yet using FaceTime. During one of my lunch breaks, I had to quickly run to Target and pick up a couple of things. I witnessed a young lady having a full blown FaceTime conversation with someone through the ENTIRE store. CRAZY!! Also note that their conversation was not very appropriate for others to hear.. or at least what I would consider appropriate. My argument here is that those around you probably don’t care to hear about your daily gossip. Plus when I’m shopping I’ve got enough to think about let alone hearing your annoying friend on FaceTime throughout the entire store.

2. Waiting in line to order at a restaurant and then having no clue what you want until you get up to the register. I used to work in the food industry during college and this was a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If you are standing in LINE to order that means that A. There is a line thus there are numerous people waiting to order as well and B. During this line waiting time you have time to read the menu up on the wall and make some fairly large decisions. Please don’t wait until you come up to the counter to then take a minute to read the menu. I have no time or patience for this.chick_fil_a3-1024x636

3. Allowing your kids to wander aimlessly around the waiting room and rudely go up to strangers and bother them.1420963209113
This drives me insane… slowly. At first these types of children and their parents seem cute and ha-ha look how sweet. BUT after 5 minutes of it.. I’m done. Please.. I’m not here to babysit your child while I wait for my own. So please remove them from my personal bubble. Be the parent!

4. Standing smack dab in the middle of an aisle as people are trying to get around you.
Inside my head I consider just running into these people and then apologizing later.. but in reality I just squeeze by them and slowly curse them from behind with my fist in the air. Pay attention to your surroundings people!!! It’s not that hard.


5. Invading your personal space while you are trying to check out and use your card at the register.home_depot_shopping_register_breach_rtr2y81m-100411919-carousel.idge
Normally I check out with a credit card at all times for the REWARDS and because I don’t trust people. BUT even when I’m at the register just signing away my awesome signature.. I still don’t want creepy McCreepier standing over top of me staring at what I’m doing. STEP BACK PEOPLE.



6. Purposefully walking slowly and be oblivious to the people trying to get around you.

This one usually occurs at crowded places like the mall, amusement part, or zoo. Again this is one of those ones where people are completely oblivious to their surroundings and the fact that they are holding up masses of people… or just me and my family. 🙂

7. Loudly eating smelly foods in a small confined space (airplane, waiting room, etc.).
First off, I have an issue with hearing people eat especially if they are a loud eater, you add on top of that that we are in a confined space and the fact that the food stinks… and I’m done. Just kill me now.

8. Purposely taking the middle seat of an odd number of empty seats.
This one is a little odd. This occurred the other month at the airport. As the gate area started to fill up I noticed people were rudely sitting in the dead center of rows of chairs so then couples or folks with multiples in their family were unable to sit there. Maybe this was a tactic to not have to sit by anyone.. but I felt it was rude and uncalled for.

9. Passing gas while others are sitting around.
No one wants to smell that shit.. literally.

10. Sitting down in the limited amount of chairs while older people are left standing; whether it’s a bus or a waiting area.
Similar to #8 but more emphasis on the fact that there are NO open seats and now we are talking about respect for your elders.. something that seems to be lost on some of the different generations.

There you have it folks.. Top 10 Annoying Things People Do In Public!!

-Mommy H.

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