Lifestyle Photography?

When I first started getting more involved into photography, I did a lot of research on the different types and styles of photography and quickly realized that the style I favored and loved the most was called Lifestyle Photography.

It seems so obvious now that I know what lifestyle photography is, but it’s very common that people who aren’t photographers have no idea what “Lifestyle Photography” means. Essentially this is the type of photography that captures people in their everyday lives doing everyday things (duh right?). It’s still artistic and of course and will be different from photographer to photographer, but unlike that of portrait photography which is commonly known. Lifestyle photography is not really posed or staged in a sense. 🙂

For example, I may set my 4 yr. old up with eating a snack or playing a certain game and then I photograph the moment, in my own way. Essentially I try to explain a story in a series of photos. When I said “it’s not staged in a sense” earlier, I meant that I do kind of “setup” the activity but I let the rest of it be natural. To make the images more creative and focused, I also remove distractions. This helps to guide the audience’s attention to the exact action that is taking place.

Here is a recent “session” if you will… of… wait for it… YES… my daughter! Shocker huh?! Hopefully you can guess what the story is in the photos; else I majorly suck at this whole thing.

So why do I LOVE lifestyle photography so much?

It’s definitely my go to style because by its pure definition it’s exactly why I became so obsessed with photography to begin with it. It’s the art of capturing the everyday with an artistic flare. It’s taking the most basic of actions, like playing with grass and a wagon and capturing them in the memory banks for all of time.

Well at least until all 3 of my hard drives crash and the CLOUD! 😉 Bahahaha

-Mommy H.

(Freezing Time)

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