Little Seamstress Part 1

A few months back, a friend of mine showed up at a cook out with the most adorable little handmade casserole dish cover that her grandma had made her. It had little straps that tied around it and even had this little pocket for the matching hot pads that went with it! That following week, I had decided I was going to search around with the old google and see what I could find in regards to patterns and tutorials. Please note, I do have an older sewing machine and I can do very basic stuff, thus any pattern that gets too complicated and I go cross-eyed.

After a good amount of searching, I came across this great tutorial from 2 Little Hooligans.  It was exactly what I needed. Not only is it written in English and in terms I can understand, but there are a ton of step by step pictures to help guide me through making a Casserole Carrier. This isn’t the exact type of carrier my friend had, but it’s certainly simple enough that I think I can do it. Please note my sewing history involves some basic pillows, corn-hole bags, and sewing small jean patches on my husband’s old yard work jeans (which he complains that I can’t do correctly). Essentially, I have very limited experience.

To start out this new little hobby, I needed to get all the right materials. This was a chore in itself. Making my way around Joann’s was almost a nightmare. If you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for then it’s a pain in the rear; I basically needed the assistance of every store clerk in there and a detailed map with GPS coordinates. I decided to start with these 2 materials (already assuming I will be making 2 different casserole covers).


I cut the main sections of the first carrier and pinned the Insul Bright to the main sections. As I went along, I quickly learned that pinning is not fun and you don’t need quite so many pins.

Then I sewed around the edge of the 2 main sections and turned them inside out and squared out the corners. I then ironed both pieces as flat as possible and ran a top stitch all the way around both sections, which in turn closed the 3 inch section I left open to turn it inside out. Once this was done, I basically had the 2 main pieces done! YAH! (Probably the easiest part)

The next steps to be completed are creating the straps, attaching them to the main section, adding the Velcro for closing the carrier, and creating a little strap for a spoon or spatula. IF I have enough material left over… I may try to make some matching hot pads as well. We will see! 🙂

Don’t worry this will be a multi-part blog to show my continued progress. I’ve also started thinking of some other cool household items I can make in all my spare time as well. <- huge joke.

PS. Yes, I realize my sewing machine is very dated, but I LOVE IT! It was a gift from my grandmother a long time ago, its heavy duty, and it still works like a champ.

-Mommy H.

(Struggling seamstress)

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