My Next Blog Series?

For those of you that follow my blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed that I’m fairly routine with my Wordless Wednesdays and Sunday Self Portrait projects and then of course I have the sporadic full written blog. Lately, I’ve been feeling uninspired with my Self Portraits and I’m now considering a different photography series.

When I first started the self-portrait series, it was because I wanted to push myself to actually be in the photographs. I started with focusing on everyday activities that I do and capturing them. Then moved to whatever I felt like, but now… I’m somewhat bored with it (partially because I still don’t like to see myself in photos. Ha!). So I have a few other photography series ideas that I’m going to propose… and we will have a VOTE on it.

  1. Macro Mondays – Just as it states… I will take close up shots of unique items or stuff that interests me. I’m not really familiar with shooting macro images so this will definitely be a learning curve.
  2. Still Life Saturdays – This one will be challenging. I will photograph lifeless objects that interest me with an artistic flare.
  3. Self Portrait Sundays – Continue posting my mug up. 🙂

Cast your VOTE below!! Thanks

-Mommy H.

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