Bucket List Item #7

Fake a power outage for an evening.

This may sound a little crazy, but there is something to be said for a good thunderstorm and that moment the TVs no longer work and everyone is not using their phones. It’s about that time when we can no longer be distracted with electronics. We stop texting, we stop googling, we put down our phones, we stop watching TV, and we interact for an entire night.


Crazy, right? Who says we can’t do this every night? Granted there are times when I make a conscious effort to be present but old habits die hard and we are so “connected” it’s tough. So this bucket list item is to have a set night when we literally unplug all electronics (not the refrigerator of course). Make it a fun night of flash lights, living room tents, candles, and board games. Essentially some old school, quality, family time also known as making memories.


-Mommy H.




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