About Me


This is a blog about my life as Mommy Horne. Well kind of… really it’s just a blog about what I feel like sharing. Who am I? Well I’m a full-time mother of a beautiful toddler, a wife, a full-time IT Professional, and a person with a lot of hobbies. I love photography, cooking, movies, a good mystery book, laughing, fall weather, a good football game to nap during, a huge cup of semi warm coffee, cuddling with a freshly bathed baby, and a good cry (okay..so not really crying. Honestly who the heck likes crying, it just sounded good).

So your next question… “What will be on your blog?”. Honestly, beyond what will most likely be some really horrible grammar mistakes, I’m not quite sure.. my vision is that you will learn what interests I’m working on, see glimpses of my family life, and what struggles we face from day-to-day. Even some fairly comical posts about…. well crap that I find funny. So hopefully someone will find it worth their time to read.

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